How do I place an order?

You may purchase our products in Lazada or Shopee. They offer a variety of payment options. If you wish to order directly from us, we require a deposit first before we ship the item straight to you. An advantage of buying from us is that we offer free shipping anywhere in the Philippines! Just head over to the ORDER FORM on the menu above and fill in the required information. We will then confirm your order via email together with deposit instructions. Deposits can be made through our BPI or BDO bank accounts.

How do I install the wrap?

Installing the wrap is easy as long as you do it carefully. You may check out our install video which demonstrates a helpful trick in installing the wrap. We recommend doing it in this order:

1. Start with aligning the holes at the bottom of the wrap (speakers, mic, etc.)

2. Align camera and flash holes

3. Apple logo should be aligned if you do 1 & 2 right

4. Flatten middle part, followed by sides

5. Flatten out the curved corners 

6. Flatten out the 'ears' or flaps at each corner

7. Use a hairdyer to apply heat on the curves or wherever necessary

8. Place front wrap starting with the top holes, then the home button

Will the wrap protect my phone?

The wrap will protect your phone from everyday nicks and scratches. However, not from drops or bumps. To be sure, you may opt to use a clear case with your wrap, as our wraps are thin enough to be used with most cases.

What if I have a tempered glass on my phone?

No problem! Just install the tempered glass first then the wrap after.

More questions?

Feel free to shoot us an email at our CONTACT page.

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